Meet the HKR Team

We call ourselves, the squadron!

Sergiu Poenaru
I make sure everybody has everything they need to get things done, the HKR way.
Andreea Poenaru
I've spent most of my career working with amazing influencers to promote apparel brands for US partner companies. T-Shirt expert.
You know?
Cosmin Mihai
Chief of "prep" because I make sure every graphic looks tidy for our partners. Designer and Illustrator. In my spare time, I design t-shirts.
I play the same track over and over
George Columbu
Volunteer. Upcoming student at the University Politehnica of Bucharest. Currently working with HTML/CSS and assisting our chief of prep with graphic design.
Iulia Fica
Head of Customer Service
Legend says I have a lot of experience with customers. Reality is I genuinely care about people!
Dostoyevsky & Gambrinus.
Raluca Popa
I'm a growth hacker, doing some marketing magic.
I go to seek a great perhaps
Gabriela Mihai
Junior prep designer, future mom. Always learning, never giving up.
Let me try
Mihai Untu
Illustrator by night, CS rep by day.
Self-educated, constant learner.
"E dragut"
Marketing. talent. wanted.
Designer / Illustrator. wanted.